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Considering setting up a Maternity Care Business

or you might have already started or been in business a long time and feel unsure how to get a steady flow of new clients within your local community, and need a way in to show mums all your amazing offerings in person. 


Interested in Magical Holistic Care 

You might have had your own spiritual awakening when you have become a Mum yourself and now want to dive deeper in knowledge of how to spread this amazing message to others.  


Want to create a Magical experience for Mums 

you understand how magical the fourth trimester is and want to help other mums feel truly nurtured and loved at this special time. 


We can help you with this soul work! 

Get to know your clients on a deeper level


Hi my name is Clare Marie 

I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 12 years (Since I was 19!) and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I am a level 5 Qualified Massage Therapist and have been in holistic and alternative therapies for over 12 years. 

One of my highest professional achievement has being listed in the “Best in Britain” Publication for my First Class Therapy Business,

but despite this my greatest achievement in life has been becoming a Mum!

Being a Mum has brought me closer to my spirit and I want to share with you ways you can have your own enlightenment and connect with your higher self and help others to do the same. 

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams and I sure know how to get visible and create a good impression and I can't wait to teach you! 


Whats Included:

What is a Ritual Therapist

Postpartum Healing from around the world

Award-winning Mum and Baby Care Products to Retail

Mini Treatments - Facial and Hand Massage Routine

Herbal Bathing (Sitz Bath) 

Newborn Massage and Settling Techniques 

Introduction to Aromatherapy, essential oils and Crystals

Creating an experience with your finishing touches

Further learning recommendations to deepen knowledge

Pricing and advertising your services

Help Mum to help herself

What our students are saying

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Bonus One

Includes free training 

Beginners Guide to a Baby Led Business 1 hour training. 

Bonus Two

Access to our Community

Connect with other holistic ladies on our study platform community, courses and the community all in one easy place and join in the conversation in our community group.



Ready to step into a world of rituals, that both you and your clients can enjoy and find peace in? 

Ready to explore your creativity and find your higher being and soul purpose?

Are you ready to get rid of the overwhelm that's holding you back from being authentically you and spreading your unique message? 

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Here is some of our most common questions. 

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Are you ready to get ahead of your competition by offering this unique service?

Are you ready to perform the best consultation your client will have ever experienced? Feeling truly heard. 


Are you ready to start your new career in only 3 weeks?

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