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Birth Of A Business

Our mission is to bring Holistic Therapies and Gentle Care into mainstream care during the Pre and Postnatal period.

The business was born out of pure passion to educate those who feel called to provide better support to new families in a gentle holistic way.

All with low start up costsunlimited income, and being able to share their special gift of nurturing care with the world.



Training in Care

We train in Pre and Postnatal Holistic Therapies, Parent support services, and Baby Led Community Classes, We aim to help heal and release your soul purpose, by aiding others in their recovery and help them navigate through their new life as a Parent with hands-on help and support beyond medicine and mainstream services

Giving you the most rewarding career in the world! (well we think so!) Ultimate flexibility, work available 24/7, that can help you to feel less anxious, less overwhelmed, and offering feelings of fulfillment and a strong contribution to the world. 



Holistic Lifestyle

We truly believe in Gentle Holistic practices within every day, to live in a higher power existence and spread joy and serenity with everyone you meet.

We are specialists in Holistic Treatment training, to aid both Mum and Baby! You could be making Mums Maternity truly magical within a couple of months. 

 I Personally have worked with a lot of families over the years, so I really understand the difficulties and pain points families face and strive to make the difference beyond the "usual" support available but it takes us all to make the difference. 


Hi My Name is Clare Marie ...

Hi my name is Clare Marie, I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 15 years and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I am a Level 5 Qualified Massage Therapist, Maternity Nurse and Doula and hold a Degree in Business Management that has helped me grow and thrive in my business.

I have won multiples awards over the years that I am truly blessed to receive, one of my highest professional achievement was being listed in the “Best in Britain” Publication for my First Class Therapy Business, but despite this my greatest achievement in life is being a Mum!

I am not a robot I am a real intuitive person so I truly understand your dreams. 

I would love to train and connect you and help you reach your dreams turning the magic of you into money! 

Clare Marie x 

1000's of Students Trained

Online and in-person, Here is what some of our students are saying. 

Why train with us:

  • Gentle evidence based approach
  • Easy to follow along courses, most students qualify within 3 months
  • Lifelong support and friendship, we care about you and look forward to getting to know you as a person, not a number. 
  • All educators have lived the career and life of the subjects we teach, so we understand how to make it work as a business. 
  • All our trainers are experts in their chosen field with over 15 years' experience. 
  • 1000s of happy students now doing a job they love. 
  • There is a high demand for this type of service right now, we can help you find your clients. 
  • We have a 5-star recommendation rate, with a recognised brand in first-class training. 
  • All of our courses are accredited by an external awarding body
  • We are with you every step of the way and beyond. 
  • We keep our prices affordable and with payment plans too so we can empower all women to be financially independent. 

Fully Accredited and assured.

"91% of Mothers felt they were managing well with Postnatal Support, compared to only 65% without."

Our Most Popular Courses

Heart Led 

Healers Diploma 

This is the Ultimate Package to become a Mum and Baby Wellness Expert! 

All 14 Fully Accredited Courses, Mini-Courses, Resources, Ebooks,Workbooks,Journals to brand as your own and resell, Business workshops and 1 to 1 Business Support! This package is everything we offer across the whole business. 

You will have unlimited access. 

 £2500 (Total value £8000) 

(Payment Plans Available)

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Postnatal Care Practitioner (Newborn Care Specialist) 

This course is for intuitive woman ,to learn the skills needed to heal others, through hands on practical help, emotional support and reassure parents they are succeeding. Practitioners can earn a good living, healing others and enjoy a serene existence, cuddling babies and call it work! 

 £550 (Payment Plans Available)

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Pregnancy Massage

The Pregnancy Massage course is for women who have a passion for Pregnancy and birth care. This course provides the skills needed to assist Mums to feel more relaxed, rested and less anxious about pending labour, so they can create special moments for fellow mums, and make a different to their maternity memories all while earning a great rate of pay, job satisfaction, freedom and flexibility. 

 £200  (Payment Plans Available)

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Baby Massage Instructor Training

This course is for warm hearted women, to learn the skills needed to create amazing experiences for Mums and baby in your local community,  So they can enjoy a serene existence and lifestyle for themselves helping others, and working flexible hours and meeting lots of parents and creating long lasting friendships. 

 £400 (Payment Plans Available)

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 " 97% of Mothers felt close to baby at 6 weeks with Postnatal Support, only 80% without. "

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