Together we will raise incredible babies 

Our Mission


Our Mission  

Our mission is to bring Gentle Holistic Therapies and Mum and Baby Care into main stream maternity care services. 

We began this company with a mission in mind, to give the power back to mum's to be confident, nurtured, and never alone.

Every mum should be supported and heard and have access to hands-on practical and emotional support when they need it.

The advice can be good but nothing beats having someone listen to you and act accordingly with your wishes, how you want to bring up your children.

We remember this mission in every aspect of our training, but also our students take it with them into their careers. 

We are also passionate about giving Mums a voice and helping them to provide for their family if they wish to, and look to the future to gaining financial freedom, with our business training and support. 

No Mum should be left behind, lonely, unheard and no where to go. She has a place in society weather that is in the home or work place, we support her there. 


Earn Rewards with each Course. 

We want to reward you for completing courses with us, so for every course you complete you will recieve a free gift. Depending on the course and how many you have completed will depend on the value of the gift. 

Once you have completed your course there is a form to fill in on the course to enter your details to recieve your free gift.  


Donation with every Course 

We donate 5% of each Course, Diploma or Membership to a charity of our choice, which changes each year. This is to help a charity within the baby care or childcare or Mums mental health sector. We want to do our part to help the maternity industry in any way we can. 

For you as our customers, we want you to  feel like you are playing your part in working with a charity to provide better care, while also investing in your own education so you can support families too. 

It's one big love circle. 

This year our charity is Home Start UK

Donate £10 to Support Mums in need

At the check out of every product we offer we ask if you would like to donate to our fund. 

We use this fund to provide a place on one of our courses to a Mum who is experiencing difficult times and needs something to look forward to and work towards to become financially independent.

 Your £10 together with others will make all the difference in changing someones life. 

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