Start a business in Mum and Baby Wellness today for only £50.99

Retail products, add retail into your services, use the products to enhance your services, create home pamper parties, baby showers and much more with Award Winning Neals Yard Organics. 

Give you business credibility and a boost of income working with a well known organic product company. 

You might be 


A Therapist

Looking to add retail to your menu or enhance your treatments with well known professional products and purchase at trade price no waiting for commissions. 


Work with Mums and Babies

Looking for something to recommend to Mums that is safe and organic for both mum and baby, where you can boost your income too. 


Are a Mum 

Looking for a job working from home, recommending award winning products with a large range available for all but a special range exclusively for mums and babies, with good instant commissions 

How it works...

Join us and we can be your guide to retailing wellness and baby products. 

By training through us you will get an instant 20% off all purchases, a bundle starter pack and 2 courses to help you create an amazing business offer products and pamper parties. 


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Nice to meet you!

I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 15 years and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care.

I discovered Neals Yard products when I was pregnant with my baby and I adored the natural safe products and the gorgeous aromas. 

I have a level 5 Therapy Qualification and I have worked in skin therapy for over 15 years I truly understand this world and would love to be your guide through the amazing benefits of each product and how to use them effectively.  

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams. I would love to train you and help you reach your full potential. 


When you join with us 

we will gift you the following courses so you can build your true dream business of retailing award winning products and creating pamper parties or add to your therapy business. 

Ritual Therapist Course - FREE - Usually £49

  • his course will help you find and attract clients to your business in a gentle easy way, but a way that helps you serve them well. 
  • We will teach you holistic practises that you can do to help heal yourself and of course others within the fourth trimester and beyond.
  • This course doesn't require you to have any additional qualifications, so even if you are starting from scratch, this course aims to get you into a new career within 3 weeks! 

Basic and Postnatal Facials - 99p - usually £300

  • Provide Postnatal Facials to new Mothers post baby.
  • Work in the home or spa/salon environment providing treatment
  • PLUS - Create a relaxing environment and experience for Mums.
  • Perform facials and be able to adapt for babies needs.

You could be a Neals Yard Organic Retailer in a matter of Minutes

So what are you waiting for ? Join today through us and let us be your guide. 

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