How to rethink Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, So you don't need to suffer anymore!

Aug 01, 2021
I heard this quote lately, and it really made sense to me, you cant change the past and you can't predict the future, so trying to remain in the present can help.

What do you think?  Does this make sense to you ?

Depression can be a reflection of the past, something traumatic you have been through or regret from the past, often something that couldn't have been altered even in that time. Unfortunately we cant change the past only learn for the future. 

Anxiety is a worry about what the future holds. Feeling like something bad is going to happen or in some cases often how we will handle a situation, leading to feelings of uneasy and avoidance of activities. 

So if we try and remain in the present, the hear and now, we can learn to control these emotions. 

Breathing techniques, taking in surrounding maybe on a nice walk, thinking about tasks only the ones for today can all help us focus on the present and not behind or in front. 

Have you developed some of your own coping techniques ? I am sure others would love to hear them, they may be struggling today ! come and share those in our Magical Mums Facebook Group. >>HERE <<


Here for you 

💫 Clare Marie x 💫

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