What a Practitioner actually means in 2021, and what it is not!

Aug 01, 2021

I wanted to take the opportunity to explain what being a Practitioner actually means in 2021!

So as you may know, we have Doulas who support woman through brith and for a short period of time Postnatally, We have Maternity Nurses who usually help a family and take on major care roles in babies care for the first 3/4 months (I know all this because I am both a Doula and Maternity Nurse myself!) ....

However a Practitioner is a support that works with the whole family, maybe other children from time to time, providing smaller snippets of care and support to a large range of families, and budgets.

The role is so diverse, from sleep support, breast feeing support, postnatal care of mum, talking therapy and the list goes on, they are also pillars of the community providing classes and support groups to local parents. Basically in 2021 no parents should feel alone or without a local practitioner who can travel from house to house and even support online!

Maybe you have transferable skills and experience yourself from being a parent or working in a similar role for years ... either way you could now be looking to become a practitioner and be more involved in a more holistic way?


💫 Here for you, Clare Marie 💫

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