Holistic Therapies in the Media - Sharon Marshall ✨

Nov 08, 2021


We adore that Sharon Marshall this week has been discussing on "This Morning" about her Fertility battle, (Video can be watched above) 


However, this came more to our attention as she mentions how after a few failed attempts, she turned to holistic therapies to love and look after herself (mentally and physically) and she eventually got her happy ending, a gorgeous baby! 

I am so pleased our message is getting out there that so many ladies are choosing to adopt holistic care into their lifestyles, for themselves and their babies. 

The work we do is so important in the world, for our mind, body, and soul! 

Here at the Baby Care Academy, we strive to put Gentle Holistic Care at the front of everything we do, if we can bring this practice/Ritual into our everyday life, there is less chance of illness and mental health issues. 

For a long time society has told us to be strong, and "just get on with it" but so often as a new Mum, we just don't know how to deal with all these big emotions and lifestyle changes. 

I believe Holistic Therapy helps change our mind and life to a slower pace, enjoying and absorbing every amazing detail of the everyday. 

What do you think, have you tried holistic therapies to help your fertility?


Clare Marie x 

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