How much work you're doing for FREE as a parent, When you could be making a living from it!

Aug 01, 2021
This theory was pointed out to me a while ago and it really stuck with me.

If I was to hire someone or multiple different people to fulfil the jobs I do, often without thought then how much would that cost?

From cleaning, organising, laundry, gardening, actual childcare ... and so much more ... I am pretty sure the cost would be huge! So why do so many of us feel so guilty for spending time at home with our family ? or even as a full time parent? 

Maybe it is because for the first 10 years of our working life we are expected to work as equals to men ... but once we have children we are almost expected to continue the same level of work as well as look after our children and all the extras that come with it. 

My point is never underestimate how much you "do", How much you contribute to your household and how much you could be making in a role like this helping other families. Such a much needed service!

If you're feeling like this, how many others are too? quite often families don't want practical tasks but a listening ear to vent their frustrations and help creating a plan. 

How much do you think you would spend if you hired all the help you need for the jobs you do ? 


Here for you 

💫 Clare Marie x 💫

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