4 Ways You Can Make Your Baby Grow Smarter

Mar 27, 2023
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A babies sensory world is how they learn about the world around them, newborns spend the majority of their days and night in REM sleep but this is when their brains are alive and processing their experiences. 

Although they are asleep don't be fooled, they are still listening and aware of touch and movement. 

Here is some ways you can support the babies developing world. 


Eye contact between mother and baby is very important because it helps the two to recognise each other and aids communication. Babies' eyes are taking in so much information every time they are awake and it is a huge part of sensory input hence why so many toys are bright colours or monochrome colours (black and white) for contrast. 


In a study back in 1986 of a group of newborns, a story was read through earphones by various people and their responses were monitored. When they heard their mother's voice the baby sucked hard on their dummy. They preferred their mother's voices over any others. Restak 1986

Mothers are also able to distinguish their babies' cry from other babies as soon as only three days after birth. 


Porter's research in 1983 showed that after just two hours of exposure to their newborns, 80% of mothers could distinguish their babies, clothes from other babies' clothes' smell. 


The use of touch in baby yoga helps to create a happy secure trusting relationship between parents and baby and can help in bonding. 


4 Ways You Can Make Your Baby Grow Smarter

  • Engage in play when baby is awake, make facial expressions 
  • Sing songs to your baby, so they are learning about sound and vocabulary
  • have time skin to skin often, the skin needs a lot of stimulation to stimulate the nervous system and increase brain function.  
  • still talk and make noise while baby is asleep so they are use to the sounds and processing the world around them. 


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