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for heart-led female entrepreneurs



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So I am assuming ...


You want to make a better income while making a bigger impact in the world. 


You're wondering how you could make this work for you in your situation. How this could work in practise not just theory. 


You think this all sounds good but where would you start? 


We hear you, and your not alone, this is a common worry of our learners

Here is the secret you need to know ...

It starts small and builds,

but you need to know where to start

Thats why we have developed some additional training to talk you through how to take action but not get overwhelmed with the process and help you plan your route, and how this works in real time, in the every day. 

How many times have you said "I don't want other Mums to go through what I have been through?"

You will get: 


An 30 min training video (Worth £30)

with Clare Marie an expert in mum and baby wellness, where we will talk you through:

  • understanding the choices available to you in the mum and baby care industry
  • we help you see the amazing financial potential this career has to offer. 
  • We help you understand how you can work this role flexibly around your own family life
  • we also address your worries and reservations to help you overcome your self doubts and make this really easy for you to get started asap. 

Start work in only 3 weeks! 

With our help and the first part of the training you could be working with your first client within 3 weeks. 

Whats Included step by step:

Section 1 - How special and valuable this work is 

Make mums maternity leave super magical, and feel a sense of achievement at the end of every day. We will talk you through the true value of your presents can make. 

Section 2 - Flexibility of the role

 We will talk you through how flexible this role is, from work available 24/7 if you would like it, to only a few hours a week, which every works for you now and in the future. A career that works around you and your family. 

Section 3 - How to earn good money

 In this section we talk you through how you can make money from different roles, to different places and how to maximise your earnings and minimise your out goings. 

Section 4 - Being self employed

 We understand being self employed can be scary if you haven't experienced it before, we will talk you through the pros and the cons of working self employed. 

Section 5 - Plan and start small

 We will show you how starting small creates the right foundations to grow from to secure a future proof business. 

Section 6 - Lifetime of a client

 We will show you how to maximise your income from one family, instead of spending a lot of time and money on marketing and create long lasting clients that will do the word of mouth advertising for you. 

Section 7 - How that looks in money

 We will show you in exact figures how the lifetime of a client produces the most income and best business model to use for a long lasting business. 

Section 8 - Growing from there

 We will talk you through how to grow from the start and thrive within a year, but we will also show you that your own pace will serve you best. 

Section 9 - Exclusive offers to help you on your journey

To finish we will present to you a special gift offer only available exclusively to those that have done this training to make the first step super easy to take.  

Plus these Freebies

Cheat Sheets so you can see how easy it is to make £2.5k a month working 16 hours. (Worth £17)

55 Page Business Plan to help you create your vision (Worth £17) 

Workbook to help you find your purpose and power again. (Worth £17)

Our Full Prospectus to find out more information on each individual course offered. 

Meet our Students and Read their reviews 

you could ...

  • Stay where you are unsure and unhappy with your current situation
  • Struggle to work it out on your own 
  • Figure out the long and hard way 
  • Make mistakes that cost you time and money and have to start again 
  • Cause yourself serious burn out trying different things 

or you could 

  • Try out tried and tested and proved method to get the results you want in super quick time and find your passion for life again. 


Send the Package to my email

Drop your Name and Email below and we will send you the full package over the next 5 days for you to immerse yourself in the idea of this type of business. 



What have you got to loose? 

This could be the best decision you make, that leads to earning thousands a month! 

We also include exclusive offers to our email subscribers and you wont want to miss those.

You got to the bottom of this page... so I think you know. 

Clare Marie x