Basic Massage Course

The Basic Massage course is the very beginning of your journey into massage therapy. 

This course is for compassionate woman, to help learn the skills needed to heal others , physically, emotionally and spiritually, through the power of touch, So they can earn a good living, healing others and enjoy a serene existence. 

Qualify in only 4 weeks!

you might be feeling ...



Feeling A Little Lost

You have recently experienced a life event that has changed you in some way, and feel like you don’t know what you want to do with yourself anymore and feel like you might like a more harmonious balanced well lived life healing others. 



Wanting To Use Your Feminine Powers

As a woman we can cope with a lot, juggle alot and use our powers to get things done. You might be looking for a way to make money very easily by using your divine feminine power. Woman give a lot with their bodies so why not make money with just your healing hands?



Looking For The Stress Free Options

Maybe you have had a stressful or emotional career in the past that has draining everything out of you, but now you are looking for a career that soothes your soul and life you and others up. 


How it works...

  • Complete beginners.
  • Have qualified many years ago and want to renew your skills. 
20 CPD Points 


  • Q and As at the end of each Module
  • In-Person Practical Assessment or via Zoom Practical Assessment
We mark your work and provide personalised feedback, no robots here!

What our students are saying



We are Family here.

You will get instant lifetime access to the course, so you can learn at your own pace and receive unconditional support throughout your career. 

Hi my name is Clare Marie 

I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business for 15 years and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I have a lot of High-Level Qualifications, Awards and Publications featuring my business, but despite all this I am a real person, I Value, Freedom, Fun, Fulfillment and Love, I grew up on a family farm and spent every day surrounded by my family. I value true connection, to my core. 

My greatest achievement in life is being a Mum! Becoming a Mum "made me" in life and business. 

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams. I would love to train you and help you reach your full potential. 


Whats Included:


  1. Learning Objectives, Mission Statement, Our Principles, Declaration, How the course will run, Further Learning

Module 1 - Health and Safety

    1. Health and Safety – Part 1
    2. Health and Safety – Part 2
    3. Health and Safety- Part 3
    4. Module 1 Assessment
    5. Learning Objectives

Module 2 - Anatomy and Physiology 

    1. Learning Objectives
    2. Skeletal System
    3. The Muscular System
    4. The Nervous System
    5. The Circulatory System
    6. The Lymphatic System
    7. The Digestive System
    8. The Endocrine System
    9. Female Reproductive Disorders
    10. Module 2 Assessment

Module 3 - Consultation/ Pre Treatment

      1. Learning Objectives
      2. History of Massage
      3. Benefits of Massage
      4. Consultations/ When to refer
      5. Consultation form
      6. Why we ask
      7. Contra Actions
      8. Contra Indications
      9. Different types of massage to consider
      10. Massage Techniques
      11. Equipment needed
      12. Massage Oils
      13. Setting up
      14. Module 3 Assessment

Module 4 - Treatment Protocol

      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Full Body Treatment Protocol
      3. Back Massage Treatment Protocol
      4. Back Massage Routine
      5. Leg Massage Routine (Back and Front)
      6. Arm Massage Routine
      7. Neck and Shoulders Massage Routine
      8. Aftercare/ Recommendations
      9. Adaptations to consider
      10. Making a Treatment an experience
      11. Locations
      12. Module 4 Assessment

Module 5 - Practical Assessment

    1. Learning Objectives
    2. Final Written Assessment
    3. Preparing for your practical assessment in Person
    4. Prepare for practical Assessment on Zoom
    5. Final Practical
    6. Assessment Criteria
    7. Feedback form


Bonus Lessons

      • Professional conduct/ being your own boss

Healing Hands is your super power


You could be making a real difference in the world and for others, 

You could be reducing your own anxiety and stress through massage and touch, 

You could be living the more relaxed existence you have dreamed of.

Bonus One

Resources/ Templates to share


We will provide you with the pre designed templates and resources so you can find clients as soon as you qualify. We have done all the hard work in explaining, what a practitioner is, the services you can provide and social prompts to use on to reach your audience. 

Bonus Two

Access to our Community

Connect with other students on our study platform community, courses and the community all in one easy place and join in the conversation in our Facebook Group.



Bonus Three 

Free Advert on our Magical Mums Platform

 You will be able to advertise your services to the Mums in our Magical Mums community for free, they will have your social links to contact you directly. A great way of finding your first families once qualified. 


Bonus Four

Download our App to learn on the go

Get through your study and access your courses and social community at the touch of a button. Download it to your phone and study on the go.  

Monthly Love Bonus 

Access our advanced skills training 

You will have lifetime access to our monthly love bundles where we share additional information you can use in your business or bring forward to the families you support.

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Got Questions?

Here is some of our most common questions. 

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  • Private Social Group 
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