Holistic Birth and Holistic Hypno Birthing  Instructor Course

This course is for those interested in birth and all of its processors, to learn the skills needed to assist others with knowledge and preparation for an empowered birth, and reducing fear and worry of the unknown. This is done through providing education classes before birth to expectant parents. Practitioners can earn a good living, helping others and enjoy a serene existence, empowering parents and working on their own schedule. 

You could be qualified in only 3 months! 


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you might be feeling ...



Knowledge is power when it comes to birth

You might have had your own birth experience and felt you didn't know enough that you now realise on reflection you should have, so now want to get fully educated to heal your own questions and empower others with knowledge and lived experiences.  


Be working in the mum and baby wellness industry 

Maybe you have some experience of working with Mums and Babies and now you want to expand your practise into Prenatal Care to meet parents when they are pregnant and develop a relationship to be there to support them postnatally.  


Worked in Midwifery or Nursing 

Maybe you have experience in this field and now want to take it into a more gentle holistic role, teaching for yourself in a completely independent way working less hours that you choose. 


How it works...



  • Complete beginners .
  • Have qualified many years ago and want to renew your skills. 

 20 CPD Points 


Q and A Assessment to be completed online after each module. no practical assessment. 


We mark all your work and provide personalised feedback, no robots here! 

What our students are saying


We are family here

You will get instant lifetime access to the course, so you can learn at your own pace and receive unconditional support throughout your career. 

Hi my name is Clare Marie 

I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 15 years and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I am a Qualified Maternity Nurse and Postnatal Doula and Level 5 Massage Therapist, I have done this type of work for over 15 years! and I still work hands on with families every week along side the training school.  

But despite all this I am a real person, I Value, Freedom, Fun, Fulfilment and Love, I grew up on a family farm and spent every day surrounded by my family. I value true connection, to my core. 

My greatest achievement in life is being a Mum! Becoming a Mum "made me" in life and business. 

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams. I would love to train you and help you reach your full potential. 

I am always around to help if you need additional support. 

Whats Included:


Learning Objectives,

Mission Statement,

Our Principles,


How the course will run,

Further Learning

Module 1 - The role of a Antenatal Teacher


History of Birth support,

Benefits of antenatal education,

statistics to be aware of,

role and responsibilities,

What the role is not ,

Communication skills,

Verbal and Non Verbal Communications skills,

Barriers to Communication,

Use of Technical Language,

Empathy and Sympathy, Assumptions,

Active listener,

Develop your comfort level,

Confidence to teach,

addressing difficult questions,

Advice, recommendation and support,

Reflective Journalling,

The difference with NHS Classes,

help writing a birth plan.

Module 1 Assessment


Module 2 - Health and Nutrition in Pregnant

First Trimester Aliments, 

First Trimester Self Care 

Second Trimester Aliments

Second Trimester Self Care 

Importance of a balanced diet 

Top tips for healthy eating

Nutrition in Pregnancy 

Exercise in Pregnancy 

Self Care in Pregnancy 

Module 2 Assessment 



Module 3 - The Natural Birth Process

Initiation of Labour 

Signs of Labour

 Premature Rupture of Membranes

What happens during labour 

Stages of Labour 

Indications of labour 

The 4th stage of labour 

Birth demo using props

Module 3 Assessment 



Module 4 - Pain relief during labour 

Physiology of labour pain 

Causes of pain in labour 

Arm in the air exercise 

The benefits of stress hormone

Hormones in labour 

Attitudes to pain 

Pain theories 

Factors affecting pain transmission 

Fear response in the body 

Why we discuss all pain relief options 

Inhaled pain relief 

Injected pain relief 

Epidural pain relief 

Module 4 Assessment 

Module 5 - Hypnobirthing Techniques 


The Morgan Method 

The Le Claire Method 

History of hypnosis and Hypnobirthing 


Massage and Warmth 


Breathing Patterns 

TENS Machine 


Birth Positions

Birth language 

Affirmation Cards 


Guided Meditations 

Addressing Fears and Concerns 

Using your BRAIN 

Positive Birth environment 

Blowing a Balloon 

The role of Birth Partner 

Daily Practise before Birth 

Preparation for birth day 

Module 5 Assessment 


Module 6 - Management of Labour 

Active Management v Expectant Management 

Origins of Active Management 

Expectant Management 

Unassisted Childbirth 

Induction of Labour 

Medical reasons for induction 

Non Medical reasons for Induction 

Methods of Induction 

Pitocin side effects

Augmentation of Labour 

Expectant due dates 

Electronic foetal monitoring 

Vaginal examinations in labour 

Delayed cord clamping 


Forceps assisted birth 

Vacuum assisted birth 

Placenta Previa 

Module 6 Assessment 



Module 7 - Different types of Birth 

Birth Plans 

Place of Birth Introduction 

Home Birth 

Birth Centre Birth 

Planned Caesarean Section

Emergency C Section 

Vaginal seeding 

Long Labour 

Quick Home Delivery Labour 

Twin Births 

Module 7 Assessment 

Module 8 - Grief and Loss Support 


Dealing with grief 

Theories of grief 

Miscarriage and Depression 

The vocabulary of Miscarriage 

Making sense of Miscarriage 

Stillbirth and Neonatal Death 

The emotions of Loss 

Module 8 Assessment 

Module 9- Postnatal Physiology of Mum and Baby 

Phyiological changes in the mother 


Breast Changes 

The Golden Hour 

Why Breast is best 

Hormones controlling milk production 

Getting Breast feeding established 

Good signs and indications 

Module 9 Assessment 

Module 10 - Newborn Assessment

Newborn Assessment

Physiological changes in Baby 

Heart Rate 

Temperature Control 

 Foetal and newborn normal heart 

Cardiovascular System 

Urinary system 

Skeletomuscular system 

The first Skin to Skin 

Delayed Cord Clamping 

Genitalia and Breasts 


Respiratory efforts 

Muscle Tone 

Reflex irritability - Apgar score

Mother and Baby Separation 

Routine Screen Tests 

Understanding Test Results 

Common Newborn Illness 

Module 10 Assessment 


Module 11 - Class Structures

Week 1 - Pain in labour 

Week 2 - The natural birth process and Breathing 

Week 3 - Hypnobirthing techniques, movement and Birth Partner 

Week 4 - Medical interventions 

Week 5 - Birth Plans, Place of Birth 

Week 6 - Pre and Postnatal Care for Mum and Baby

Class Structures 

Hypnobirthing Teacher Tool Kit 

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Bonus One

Resources/ Templates to share


We will provide you with the pre designed templates and resources so you can find clients as soon as you qualify. We have done all the hard work in explaining, what a practitioner is, the services you can provide and social prompts to use on to reach your audience. 

Bonus Two

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Got Questions?

Here is some of our most common questions. 

What my students are saying

3 Month Payment Plan


  • Instant Access
  • Easy to follow lessons
  • Private Social Group
  • Unlimited Access

Full Price


Most Popular

  • Instant Access
  • Easy to follow lessons
  • Private Social Group 
  • Lifetime Access

6 Month Payment Plan


  • Instant Access
  • Easy to follow lessons
  • Private Social Group
  • Unlimited Access

12 Month Payment Plan


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  • Easy to follow lessons
  • Private Social Group
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Who this course is for

  • Those that want to offer Antenatal education to others
  • Those that want to offer work online or in-person 
  • Those that are self-motivated to study the course. 
  • Those that value Gentle Parenting techniques. 

This course is not for

  • Strict old fashioned methods of baby care
  • Those that can dedicate time to study the skills 
  • Those who cant easily support families 

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