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for Female/Mum Entrepreneurs

Change the world of Postnatal Care


If you have been considering a career in the Baby Care field, the time to act is now, You have been called to be the healer, carer, therapist or support system for millions of woman all over the world. Let's come together, taking action and we can make the difference. 

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Imagine living your heart led life, all on your terms, around your family life and being financially independant

More abundance, more freedom, more fun, less procrastination, less hiding who you are or want to be, less just "getting by", less feeling lost and confused of your options. 

Finally being the best version of YOU that you feel in your heart you are:


Provide hands on help

Provide hands on practical help and support in your local community, or online to millions, to people just like you, working out motherhood. 


Stand out from the Competition

with these unique services you will stand out from all competition in your area and online! (ps. some of these courses are not available anywhere else


Be an advocate for more Gentle Mothering. 

Create more love and connection between mum and baby, and educate on holistic care, making a huge impact on the world with this skill set. 


How do you know if this is right for you?

  • Don't worry if you are a introvert who struggles to put themselves out there and be self employed, we are all about helping heart and soul led female entrepreneurs, we all have to start somewhere, we can support you along the way. 
  • Don't worry if you feel you don't have enough time to study, This Diploma is online, with 24/7 self paced access. It can easily be studied in your spare time, and most students complete within 3 months, with straight to the point course work. 
  • Don't worry if you feel you can't afford the training or new career, we offer payment plans for training, and there is virtually no start up costs needed. 


The hardest part is taking the first step. 

The hardest part is believing in yourself enough to make the first step and be willing to invest in yourself for you and your families future. But I promise you are worth it and you deserve the life you feel you truly belong to. We are here to support you along the way, at your pace and ability. 

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Changing the World Diploma Offer

A rare occasion to purchase our most popular and unique courses for a fraction of the price. Access to 6 Accredited Courses [total value of £1420!]

for a limited time and places only £800!

Saving £620! 


Course work lessons online

The courses are self paced, with printable Guidebooks and Videos to watch or listen to from your phone or computer. 


Feel confident and capable

Everything you need to feel confident and capable is included in this Diploma 


Recognised Qualification

This Diploma is fully accredited with multiple external organisations and insurable once completed. 


Everything you need to achieve your Dreams


Accredited Course 1 - Baby Massage Instructor  

You will Learn 

The ability to teach parents, to bond and respond to their baby. You will be able to demonstrate moves to help baby Calm, Settle and Sooth. From Colic to Teething workshops to Coughs and Colds and Infants Mental Health. This course has it all, from Newborn Massage to 6 months. 

Usually £350 


Accredited Course 2 - Baby Yoga Instructor

You will learn 

The ability to teach parents to play and enjoy time with their baby, ways to play and help develop babies movements, coordination and brain development. This course will educate you on ways to help mums take some relaxation and stretching time for themselves and the many benefits of Spiritual Yoga sessions that benefit both Mum and Baby. 

Usually £350


Accredited Course 3 - Postnatal Care Practitioner

You will Learn

How to take full care of a baby, from newborn to 1 years old. From Babies Sleep, Feeding Baby, daily General Baby Care, Working with Twins, Multiples and Premature Babies, Postnatal care support for Mum, Plus everything that is needed to be a Good Practitioner to get hired time and time again. 

Usually £450


Accredited Course 4 - Ritual Therapist 

You will Learn

How to perform a 3 hour experience for Postnatal Mums in their home.

Including Traditional Postnatal Care, Herbal Bath Rituals, Mini Massage Rituals, Aromatherapy, Newborn Massage and Settling Techniques, essential oils and Crystals to educate Mum about to help with her healing. Giving you the opportunity to create a connection and offer your other services. 

Usually £49

Mini CPD Course 5 - Creating a Retreat Session

You will Learn

How to create a half day or full day Retreat Session for Mum and Baby to attend, What equipment is needed, Ideas of themes and how to create a truly Magical Experience for Parents in the Maternity period. 

 Usually £17

Training 5 - Balancing Babies and Business Membership

You will Learn

How to create balance between your work life and family life, you will be able to market your business and create true connections and attract your ideal audience and create multiple streams of revenue from your new learnt skills through this course bundle. 

 Usually £200 


Making money from a career that sounds a lot like fun and love...

  • Having time to connect with other Mums and still meet your friend for coffee, all in a days work. 
  • Cuddling babies and enjoy hours of endless giggles and get paid for the privilege.
  • Be able to attend all your childrens school plays, parents evening and sports events, with an hour or so of work thrown in. 
  • Endless conversations with like minded females about all the topics you love and call it work. 
  • Work available 24/7 if you required it, so you can work as many or as little hours as you would like, depending on your every changing family needs. 

Full Payment


Most Popular

  • Instant Access Online
  • Downloadable Guidebook
  • Videos to learn further
  • Lifetime Access, Self Paced

3 Month Payment Plan


  • Instant Access Online
  • Downloadable Guidebook
  • Videos to learn further
  • Lifetime Access, Self Paced


When you enrol, you'll also get these amazing bonuses:


Resources and Templates to Share

We provide you with Marketing Pre designed templates and resources, so you can find clients as soon as you qualify.  We have done all the hard work of explaining how the classes will run and the benefits your services, the services you can provide and social prompts to use to reach your audience. 


Access to our Private Community

Connect with other students on our study platform all in one easy place and join in the conversation in our Private Group. Our group is full of Therapists, Baby Class Instructors, Doulas, Maternity Nurses, and other Healers. 


Free Advert on our Magical Mums Portal

You can advertise for free on our Mums portal. this is a great way of finding clients straight away. Mums will have access to your social media links to contact you directly, Plus you can comment and be involved in our group as an expert. 


Download our App

Make studying super easy by downloading the app and learning on the go. 


Monthly Love Bonus

Access our advanced skills training.

You will have lifetime access to our monthly love bundles where we share additional information you can use in your business or bring forward to the families you support. 


Unlimited emails to Clare Marie 

Be one of the first 10 people, and get 3 months of unlimited access to my personal email account, so we can work together to get your dream plan off to the best start and work out a road map to get you where you want to be! 

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Hi, I'm Clare Marie

I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 15 years and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I have a lot of High Level Qualifications, Awards and Publications featuring my business, but despite all this I am a real person, I Value, Freedom, Fun, Fulfillment and Love, I grew up on a family farm and spent every day surrounded by my family. I value true connection, to my core. 

My greatest achievement in life is being a Mum! Becoming a Mum "made me" in life and business. 

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams. I would love to train you and help you reach your full potential. 



I was lead into this role after my son was born, I had a traumatic birth, Postnatal Depression, OCD and Anxiety. I was completely lost, a shadow of the ambitious woman I was. 

I didn't have a clue how life was going to be now and felt limited by my baby, that I believed I couldn't be self sufficient or enjoy my career again. But I had passion to make a different to other Mums, that was my starting point (Have you felt this too?!)

When I found this path, postnatal care services lit a flame within me and I felt whole again, 

that's how I know you can find your true purpose too.

Everything can change in a heart beat!



Your path to your goal


Join The Changing the World Diploma

Its the first, but biggest step in the right direction to changing your life and becoming authentically you. 


Dive in and take action

Dive into the content and start implementing the training into your life and career, Can’t start right away? It's okay, you have lifetime access to the course.


Reach your goal

Finally feel confident to achieve your goal. From Baby Care to Mum Care and Support, you'll learn everything you need to succeed.

Lets do this ...

Our Guarantee

Support every step of the way ...

Our student community, payment plans, email support, comment and ask questions on each lesson, our platform and business is a completely different way of learning and achieving your dreams. We offer lifetime access so we will be hear with your every step along the way of your new career. 

This is for you if:

  • You want to help change the lives of other Mum and postnatal care services.
  • Your ready to make changes in your life and career 
  • You want more love, connection, value, money and purpose in your life. 

This is not for you if:

  • If you value old fashioned, strict methods of baby care.  
  • You don't want to be part of a something, all joined in the same mission. 
  • You don't want to invest in yourself and your families financial future. 

Are you ready to begin your purpose and life work?


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Frequently Asked Questions


It's your time to do this, if you really want to make a change.


This offer won't be around for a long time, it is a limited spaces Diploma, with our most popular courses and uniques courses, not found anywhere else. 

This course will sell fast so you will need to make your decision asap! 


  • 6 Accredited Courses worth £1640
  • 4 Free Bonuses Worth £500
  • Tailored support as and when needed 
  • Everything you need to enjoy a career in baby care and be able to market and sell your services in person and online. 

Full Payment


Most Popular

  • Instant Access Online
  • Downloadable Guidebook
  • Videos to learn further
  • Lifetime Access, Self Paced

3 Month Payment Plan


  • Instant Access Online
  • Downloadable Guidebook
  • Videos to learn further
  • Lifetime Access, Self Paced