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More than a Mother

Community Interest Company 

Designed to help mums create their dream business and life.


 Full funded business training from idea to confident in business.


With further ongoing support to help you reach your full potential. 


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helping mums become financially independent and free! 

Our mission is to see every mum shine in her glory, with financial freedom and the life she has longed for, no more struggling with money, working unsuitable hours, surviving on benefits and breaking yourself just to make ends meet. 

Your time to shine is now!


Are you ...



A Mum who is currently unemployed 

But wants to get back into work in a self employed role but isn't sure where to begin.


A Mum who is in receipt of any benefits

Who wants to start their own business to grow and break free from the system. 



A mum who is currently going through uncertainty/separation. 

Who needs to provide an income to support the family but doesn't have childcare to work full time or in a minimum wage role. 

We can help with all that! 

If you fall into one or more of these categories, the good news is we can help you! 

Hi my name is Clare Marie 

I am the founder of this organisation. I have been in business 15 years (Since I was 19!) and have a true passion for helping Mums find their way to financial independence and freedom. 

I currently own The Baby Care Academy, Baby Ed App, and "I am Clare Marie" Consultancy. 

I have a Degree in Business Management and leadership that has helped me grow and thrive in my business.

I have won multiple awards, over the years, that I am truly blessed to receive, I have featured in many magazine publications (My favorite was "places to visit in England" and I was the person to visit for a massage! I have also been part of filming for a ITVbe programme on Salons and Spas. 

I have also recorded demo videos for a well-known skin company and one video has over 62k views to date!

One of my highest professional achievements has been listed in the “Best in Britain” Publication for my First Class Therapy Business,

but despite this, my greatest achievement in life has been becoming a Mum!

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams and struggles, but I now know how to get visible and create a good impression and reach high with a purposeful heart-led business, and I can't wait to teach you! 


Whats Included in the Training:

Week 1 - Rediscovering you 


  • Finding your purpose
  • finding your joy
  • healing old wounds and allowing yourself to move forward.


Week 2 - Confidence


  • mindset of a winner 
  • Never giving up 
  • Triggers and blocks
  • Remembering your worth
  • How confident people got confident  

Week 3 - The magic of you 


  • Discovering your skills
  • Discovering your talents 
  • Discussing your qualification 
  • What you can bring into the world for the better 


Week 4 - The business has legs 


  • Choosing your path 
  • Choosing your deliverance 


Week 5 - Mapping out the Business


  • Time to drill down how this will work 
  • How will you make it happen step by step 
  • finding the time to execute the plan  

Week 6 - Market Research 


  •  Finding your audience 
  • Who is your ideal client 
  • Where to find them 
  • Go ask them 

Week 7 - Business Plan 


  • Writing your business plan 
  • sales forecasts 
  • Creating a brand 


Week 8 - Marketing plan 


  • Where will you market
  • Social media for business
  •  How to write a good sales page  
  • Writing good ad copy 

Week 9 - Finances


  • How to keep track of your income 
  • How to track your expenses
  • Funding available 
  • How tax works 

Week 10 - Business Progression. 


  • Clare Maries top tips for success 
  • Where to grow from here. 
  • Employing people 
  • outsourcing 
  • hiring help


Week 11 - Practise for the panel 


  • Get ready to present your business 
  • Show us your story 
  • Show us who you want to be. 


Week 12 - The Panel Presentation. 


  • Present your business to the panel for the funding.


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