Magical Mums Club  

For Mums who have had a spiritual awakening when journeying into motherhood and/or want to explore and learn a more Holistic, Gentle Connected way of Postpartum and Baby Care. 

you might be feeling ...



Had a Spiritual awakening when you gave birth and moving into Motherhood, Being more understanding and connected to your baby and others.  


Want to learn more about being a truly connected parent and how to understand each cry from your baby. 



You might want to learn more about how to keep yourself well and happy with self care and whole body holistic healing. 



How it works...

Access to our online portal full of workshops to learn more about Gentle Holistic Parenting.

Access to our Magical Mums Social Group

Access to our Library of Professionals to receive in person or online support. 

for a one off payment for over 15 workshops and new workshops been added all the time. 

Only £49

Hi my name is Clare Marie 

Hi my name is Clare Marie, I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 15 years and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I am a Qualified Massage Therapist, Maternity Nurse and hold a Degree in Business Management.

I have been through some of the toughest times in life and in more recent years, suffered a birth trauma and traumatic postnatal period, so I get it when I say I know the struggles, but I also now know the way to grow and learn and feel 100% more me, as a MUM! 

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand you! 

I honestly believe through mind, body and soul healing you too can move forward with your life and enjoy being a Holistic Magical Mum!  


Whats Included:

Pregnancy Relaxation Workshop

Bonding with Bump Workshop

Labour day Workshop

Newborn Care Workshop

Baby Sleep Workshop 

Breastfeeding Workshop


Bottle Feeding Workshop 

Colic Workshop

Reflux and Allergy Workshop


Baby Massage Full Course


Baby Yoga Full Course


Brain Development Workshop


Maternal Mental Health Workshop


Postpartum Self Care Workshop


Reiki for Mum Workshop


Limited Time Only


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Bite Size Workshops 

Members Group 



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New Workshops being added all the time 
Experts in their field workshops too! 
Access to our library of Professionals ready to offer you in person or 1 to 1 online support. 

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