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endless amounts of money!  

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What if I told you it is simpler and quicker than you might think ?

There are two main types of people in business ...

Those that can't focus on one idea, and those that cant get started with any ...

But the good news is we can help with both because the obstacle is you! 


You might be ...


Dreaming of  starting a Business

You might have the funding to start a business but no clue where to start or what will get you some return for your money. 


Busy with family life 

You might have loads of ideas for your business but feel you have no time to create the product or resources, so you need the quickest and most effective method of success.  


Struggling with direction

Not knowing where to start or how to even create the business and lifestyle you desire.  

So why not become...

Business Bestie with Clare Marie

Lets get into business together 

Heres what I can help you with:  

When our journey begins together we become like partners in your business, not in the literal sense but in the sense of I will be as invested in your success as you are! 

Because your success is my success, and the more woman who have financial abundance the world makes it a better place.

I can help with: 

Support and Guidance, Branding, Website, Social Platforms, Online Courses, Online Memberships , Ebooks, Self Publishing Books, Digital Downloads, Creating an educational App 

When it comes to the online world of making passive income I have done it all ✅ and I can fast track you to where you want to be. 

Which means I can be with your every step of the way to guide you through the short cuts. 

I can also help if you have a services based business and are looking to expand, get more clients or employ staff. 

I will be at the end of an email or phone call 5 days a week, we can meet on Zoom or in person if you are local. 


Whats included that might not be obvious:  

We might meet on more levels than one. 

For example:

💗  You are having an off day and need a friendly chat and mindset guidance, I am there! 

💗 You might be stuck with the overwhelm of a sales funnel and need someone to take a look at it to see what you have missed out,  I am there 

💗 You might be trying to design a leaflet or freebie and just cant seem to perfect it, or feel you are wasting so much time designing it, no problem I can take a look and make it look eye catching for you

💗 You might be coming up against money blocks, like you don't feel worthy of making money this way, no problem I can be your biggest supporter and cheer leader to help you get back your confidence and ambition. 

💗 You might be expanding and needing some guidance of how to delegate, no problem I know just the right people for the job. 


Step One

Once we are working together I will do an initial assessment of what you have already got going on, and look for tweaks of Improvement. 

2. Step Two 

I will make suggestions of how I can see your business improving and ideas for future developments and growth. 

3. Step Three

You decide what you would like to do or work on and I can help and assist and educate on how to bring the idea into real life. In an on going process and reviews. 

Work with me Clare Marie

Are you ready to get ahead or just get started (Finally)

Hi my name is Clare Marie 

Founder of "The Baby Care Academy" and "The Baby Ed App" Author of "The Mum Journal" and "The Baby Tracker" and business consultant at "I am Clare Marie" 

I have been in business 15 years (Since I was 19!) and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care and supporting woman/ mums to be self made. 

I have a Degree in Business Management and leadership that has helped me grow and thrive in my business.

I have won multiple awards, over the years, that I am truly blessed to receive, I have featured in many magazine publications (My favorite was "places to visit in England" and I was the person to visit for a massage! I have also been part of filming for a ITVbe programme on Salons and Spas. 

I have also recorded demo videos for a well-known skin company and one video has over 62k views to date!

One of my highest professional achievements has been listed in the “Best in Britain” Publication for my First Class Therapy Business,

but despite this, my greatest achievement in life has been becoming a Mum!

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams and struggles, but I now know how to get visible and create a good impression and reach high with a purposeful heart-led business, and I can't wait to teach you! 

in just one year ...

  • You could have created an online business that is generating a passive income  
  • you could be financially stable and providing the life you want for your family and children. 
  • You could be taking holidays and sick days with your children and still making money (even while you sleep) 
  • Affording multiple holidays a year all while doing a job your adore making a different to you and your customers. 
  • Feel powerful beyond belief that you can concur anything you set your mind to 
  • Have such confidence you feel you can really change the world for the better and leave a legacy for your children 
  • Waving bye bye to the 9 til 5 grind for good this time! 
  • Proud of yourself that you have finally invested in yourself, now know your worth and discovered the love you have for yourself again.


For an investment of £6000 a year

Which works out as £115 a week 

Which is cheaper than an employee! but with all the knowledge and experience to get you to where you want to be.  

This is for you if:

  • You know you want to be self employed and have some ideas or at least the passion for something that you want to grow 
  • You want to create a passive income and reach further into the online world of business
  • Be able to use the online world to create global impact with your skills
  • Want to skip the hardest work of research and trial and error and just get the secrets to success in less time. 
  • Want easy solutions that will work from the start and grow with ease. 
  • Want someone to be your biggest cheerleader, cheering you on when all those around you are doubting you. 
  • Want someone who is in this with you and wants the best for you and your business. 
  •  Want someone who will celebrate your big wins with you and console you on the frustrating moments. 

This is not for you if:

  • Don't have money to invest in yourself and your business right now. 
  •  Think you can waste your work time researching answers and working it all out for yourself. 
  • Been in business along time and don't want to adapt to grow your business in the real world or online world. 
  • Don't have at least a few hours a week to dedicate to the work and catch ups with me. 
  • If you are not in a heart led business, trying to make a difference in the world. 

Why me, why now?

  • Unlike a lot of other Business Couches I have the highest academic qualifications in business AND 15 years of experience.  
  • Unlike other Business Couches I make my money from other business I have made super successful not just from preaching, I also practise what I preach.  
  • I am down to earth with realistic goals and I am interested in getting to know you the person, not just the business. 
  • I don't talk down to people, I like it to feel like we are working together not offering instruction with no effort on my part. 
  • I have probably been in your shoes only a couple of years ago so I get it! 

I wasn't always successful ...

I worked for the first 6 years of my self employment struggling to make ends met not knowing where I was heading.

Que the arrival of my baby and I did a whole 360 into the baby care field, but because I had built up 11 years of learning by then I know I could transfer the skills to absolutely any business I desired and you can to with the guidance I can offer. 

and thats when the magic happens, when you find your purpose. 


So if we are going to be besties then let me share with you my likes and dislikes. 

✨ Likes

Early Morning, The Beach, The Great Outdoors, Biscuit Tea, Chocolate, Animals, Yoga, Centre Parcs, Swimming, Babies, Pink, Olives, Reality TV, Glamping, Crystals, Going for a massage and Animals


👎🏼 Dislike: 

Scary films, Beat root, The dark, Procrastination, overwhelm, trying to write this list, as I like to focus on the positive and the good things in life. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Or you can do it this way ...

  • Waste time researching, if you can find the time as a busy mum, waste it search for the answer to the simplest question, only to find it doesn't work out. So your still stuck 
  • You can test out different website systems to then spend a year moving your content from platform to platform to find you're not totally satisfied with that one either and allow the process to continue. 
  • Spend a fortune on facebook and google ads to discover you have spent way over your budget and not had any extra sales from it, and feel like a failure. 
  • Continue to feel like you are letting your family down and not providing financially nor have any spare time to spend with them from trying your best to make money. 

Work with me Clare Marie

So what is really holding you back ? 

Your limited self belief? Because I can tell you, it's just fear keeping you help back, and with someone on your side believing in you, you can live the abundant life you so badly desire. 

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