Balancing Babies and Business Membership 

you might be...



A Mum who is considering setting up a Business

or you might have already started or been in business along time before your babies came along and now are not sure how to make it work.  


Working with Babies

You might already be a Maternity nurse, Birth worker, Doula, Nanny, Child minder or a role similar, and looking at ways to improve your services, find more clients or change your business to more online offerings to reach further. 



want to move your business online and simplify your workload. 

You might want to streamline your business and your thoughts and idea, or turn your ideas in your head into an online business  or reach further by become a teacher in your field. 

We can help with all that! 

Our mission is to help you create a business that works for you AND your family or life RIGHT NOW! 


Hi my name is Clare Marie 

I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 12 years (Since I was 19!) and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I hold a Degree in Business Management that has helped me grow and thrive in my business.

I have won multiples awards, over the years, that I am truly blessed to receive, I have featured in many magazine publications (My favourite was "places to visit in England" and I was the person to visit for a massage!) I have also been part of filming for a ITVbe programme on Salons and Spas. 

I have also recorded demo videos for well known skin companies and one video has over 62k views to date!

One of my highest professional achievement has being listed in the “Best in Britain” Publication for my First Class Therapy Business,

but despite this my greatest achievement in life has been becoming a Mum!

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams and I sure known how to get visible and create a good impression and I cant wait to teach you! 


Whats Included:

Clare Maries Top Tips to rocket your Business

Mindset for Busy Mums

Balancing Skills for Mums

Starting a Business in the right way

Understanding your Audience

Getting Creative

Marketing in 2022

How to create eye catching Videos

How to create a wonderful Website

Content that Converts 

Getting the best out of Social Media 

Reach further with your business


Novembers Expert

Michelle Pontvert - Branding and Website Designer

Michelle will be hosting a live zoom call to talk you through the fundamentals of a website and how to create your own, plus answer any questions you have.  

She will also be providing extra content as a little gift to get you on your way to a winning website! 

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Pay in full for 1 Year


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Bonus One


 Each workshop provides you with a video to learn all about the subject, usually a video to help you do it, or set it up technically, but we also provide you with a worksheet to help you work your own plan out, or a check sheet to make sure you have covered every step needed. 

Bonus Two

Access to our Community

Connect with other business ladies on our study platform community, courses and the community all in one easy place and join in the conversation in our community group.



Ready to take back your time?

So you can spend it on the things that matter the most, having fun with your family and children. 

Are you ready to level up?

So you can reach your full potential and most inportantly your dream life?

Are you ready to get rid of the overwhelm thats holding you back?

No more searching for answers, feeling overwhelmed with ideas, or listening to the voices in your head that say you cant do this. 

Pay Monthly


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Pay in full for 1 Year


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Got Questions?

Here is some of our most common questions. 

You will feel ready to step into your light

and show the world all the amazing gifts and talents you have that are just bursting to get out. 

You will become an expert in your field and change the world for the future.

Your future and your children's future and the many other lives you come into. 


You will be confident in your business

Knowing you have a supportive team of like minded ladies cheering you on and an expert at hand to answer all of your questions. 

Pay Monthly


cancel anytime


Pay in full for 1 Year


Cancel anytime


Join our "3 DAYS" free challenge

Get started in your dream business and life with our know how and help along the way. 


Day 1 - let's look at realistically what career options could work for you now your a Mum. (In person and Online) 

Day 2 - Lets get clear on how to condition yourself for success but also what mindset and tools you need to make it happen. Getting your ideas out of your head and into reality.

Day 3 - Lets look at how to manifest your dream life into reality and but also how to create a plan that is going to work for you, on your time scale. 

I have done this myself so I know it works! from bust to booming in only a year! 

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