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For Female/Mum Entrepreneurs in heart-led Businesses. 

 For Mum who wants to create financially freedom working an online business. 


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The Heart led leaders of the world. 


Soul Sisters, Those that have had an awakening when becoming a Mum and want to change the world with their special gifts and talents


We can help you turn the magic of you into money, A lot of money!


you might be...



A Mum who is considering setting up a Business

or you might have already started or been in business along time before your babies came along and now are not sure how to make it work.  


Working with Babies

You might already be in a healing, or caring role and looking at ways to improve your services, find more clients, or change your business to more online offerings to reach further. 



Want to move your business online and simplify your workload. 

You might want to streamline your business and your thoughts and idea, or turn your ideas in your head into an online business or reach further by becoming a teacher, offering multiple options for your customers, and maximising your income. 

We can help with all that! 

Our mission is to help you create a business that works for you AND your family or life RIGHT NOW! 


What our Members say ...


Hi my name is Clare Marie 

I am the founder of  The Baby Care Academy. I have been in business 15 years (Since I was 19!) and have a true passion for Mum and Baby Care. 

I have a Degree in Business Management and leadership that has helped me grow and thrive in my business.

I have won multiple awards, over the years, that I am truly blessed to receive, I have featured in many magazine publications (My favorite was "places to visit in England" and I was the person to visit for a massage! I have also been part of filming for a ITVbe programme on Salons and Spas. 

I have also recorded demo videos for a well-known skin company and one video has over 62k views to date!

One of my highest professional achievements has been listed in the “Best in Britain” Publication for my First Class Therapy Business,

but despite this, my greatest achievement in life has been becoming a Mum!

I am not a robot I am a real person so I truly understand your dreams and struggles, but I now know how to get visible and create a good impression and reach high with a purposeful heart-led business, and I can't wait to teach you! 


Whats Included:

Find your Divine Purpose - Worth £29


  • Finding your Purpose video 
  • Finding your purpose workbook. 

More info: 

Struggling to find yourself again? needing a boost to find your direction and purpose again this workshop can help you see your strengths and skills again to light your spark again. 



The 3 day challenge to start your business - Worth £29


  • Business ideas as a working Mum 
  • Condition yourself for success
  • Manifest and sacrifise. 

More info: 

If you are struggling to get started with your business idea, this 3 day challenge will kick start you to get into a entrepreneurial mindset and start the ball rolling. 


Clare Maries Top Tips to rocket your Business Worth £29


  • Rise your business with Reviews and recommendations 
  • Align your business to enter awards 
  • Create a buzz about your business

 More Info: 

These are my personal recommendations to really create a buzz around your business and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Magical Mindset for Busy Mums Worth £29


  • Manifesting mindset for mums
  • Your superpower is you!
  • Triggers and blocks
  • remembering your worth 

More info: 

Often it is your mindset that is holding you back from moving forward, so here we help you adjust your mindset and address your fears and blocks so you can move forward with ease. 


Balancing Skills for MumWorth £29


  • Balancing skills for Busy Mums 
  • Workbook 

 More Info: 

No one is busier than a Mum than a working Mum, Here we share how to truly create balance between mum life and work life, so you can feel like you are achieving in both sides of life. 

Understand your Connected Audience Worth £29


  • Your aligned Audience 
  • Pain Points of your Audience

 More Info: 

The only way to make sales is selling something that people want, but how do you know who that is ? in this workshop we look at how to connect to your audience and how to trigger an action of purchase. 

Getting Crystal Clear on Creative Worth £29


  • Creative ideas
  • How to design your brand
  • Canva - your best design tool 
  • Animation and Scheduling  

More info: 

Design is a huge part of business branding but if you don't have a clue where to start making beautiful graphics that will catch the eye of your audience then we can show you how. 

Magnetic Marketing in 2022 Worth £29


  •  Fantastic Facebook Ads
  • Easy Email Marketing
  • Registering with directories 
  • Lead Magnet
  • Blog posts that Boost you

More info: 

Marketing by far is where you will spend most of your time, but do you know how to create a good lead magnet? or how to get your business noticed in the huge world of the online world ? We can help you with that. 

How to Create Videos that engage Worth £29


  • The benefits of Video for connection 
  • How to set up your Videos
  • Video platforms to use
  • Youtube Videos  

More Info: 

 Get confident in recording yourself on video and editing your videos. Video is by far the most engaging way to connect with your audience in such a huge online space, but do you know where to start with content for your videos? 

Wisdom to create your Website Worth £29


  • Heavenly home page 
  • Spirited sales pages 

More info: 

Your website is the shop front of your business, so getting the right information on there is crucial. 

We can help you set up your home page, landing pages, and sales pages, and understand the difference between each one. Including how important call to actions are on your website. 

Cosmic Content that Converts Worth £29


  • Content Strategy for social media
  • Automation- that make your life easier 

More info: 

If you are going to spend a lot of your working life on social media creating content that converts to sales is a vital part of your business, we can help you create content. 

Social Media Spells that Sell Worth £29


  • Fascinating Facebook Page
  • Intuitive Instagram Tips

More info: 

Social media apps are live moveable platforms, making use of these platforms is a great way to show your branding and business in the best light and a great way to connect with your target audience


Reach for the moon with your business Worth £29


  • Become an expert and expand online
  • How to create a Online Courses 
  • How to create a Online Membership 

More info: 

If you are looking to expand your skills and expand your business in the online space this workshop can help you to reach further online, with online courses and memberships. It also offers the education on becoming a Teacher in your chosen field to help teach others your skill set which can open a lot more doors to you. 


Automate your Business  Worth £29


  • Automation Video
  • Automation Workbook 

 More info: 

We understand running a business and having children is exhausting so we can show you all the tech that can automate your business and give you some time back

There is always ways of delegating to others for a small fee, or use brilliant tech to do the job for you on an ongoing basis. 

Email Marketing Worth £29


  • Email Marketing Video
  • Email Header Templates 
  • Kajabi Email Marketing

 More info: 

You might have heard people saying to build your list, this is what they mean, always adding emails to your email marketing is a great way to connect with your potential clients in a personal way. You will be surprised how many people reply to direct mail. In this workshop we will show you how to create your email marketing strategy. 



Michelle Pontvert - Branding and Website Designer

Michelle will be hosting a live zoom call to talk you through the fundamentals of a website and how to create your own, plus answer any questions you have.  

What our Members say ...


Over 30 Workshops worth £600! 

We add new workshops all the time for no additional cost. 


Monthly Membership of


for a limited number of people

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Bonus One


 Each workshop provides you with a video to learn all about the subject, usually a video to help you do it, or set it up technically, but we also provide you with a worksheet to help you work your own plan out, or a check sheet to make sure you have covered every step needed. 

Bonus Two

55 Page Business Planner Included

This planner can help you start or grow your business, from planning the business structure, to financial planning and getting clear on ideal customers. 

Bonus Three

Download our App for instant access on your phone.

We have our own study app which can be downloaded once you access the study platform. Which means all studying can be done via the App. 

Ready to take back your time?

So you can spend it on the things that matter the most, having fun with your family and children. 

Are you ready to level up?

So you can reach your full potential and most inportantly your dream life?

Are you ready to get rid of the overwhelm thats holding you back?

No more searching for answers, feeling overwhelmed with ideas, or listening to the voices in your head that say you cant do this. 

Workshops worth £600! 

We add new workshops all the time for no additional cost. 


Monthly Membership of


For a limited number of people

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Got Questions?

Here is some of our most common questions. 

You will feel ready to step into your light

and show the world all the amazing gifts and talents you have that are just bursting to get out. 

You will become an expert in your field and change the world for the future.

Your future and your children's future and the many other lives you come into. 


You will be confident in your business

Knowing you have a supportive team of like minded ladies cheering you on and an expert at hand to answer all of your questions. 

Workshops worth £600! 

We add new workshops all the time for no additional cost. 

Monthly Membership of


For a limited number of people

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My Business Bestie - Clare Marie 

Work with me to create the business of your dreams. 

Going into business alone is scary with constantly second guessing yourself, and shooting in the dark, and often becoming overwhelmed and burnt out. 


But not with a Business Bestie! 


15 Years of business has taught me a lot and now I want to fast track you to success and help fellow mums become financially independent and free!  Because we deserve the best of life. 


Enrolment opens again June 2022

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