Mother Nature Teaches you the Basics, We can teach you the rest 

For Modern day Mums who want the confidence to parent their own way and the education to advocate for themselves. 

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The first App of its kind 


Are you drawn to a more gentle holistic, natural lifestyle and more holistic coping strategies for life's challenges?

Are you an open minded Mum, who has had a spiritual awakening during childbirth? and would now like to explore it a little deeper?

Do you keep asking for help and nothing seems to work, and you are feeling left with no choice but to get some answers and confidence for yourself, so you can advocate for yourself again.  

Do you want to learn ways to communicate, connect deeply and teach love to your baby? 

This App is for you! 

Do you feel 

Like this is you right now in your Motherhood Journey? 


Your Pregnant and want to learn all the knowledge you can before the big day 



You have tried to find help and support and "your village" but have run out of ways to feel better and supported? 


There are no local Baby Classes in your area to attend and learn more about Bonding and Development with your baby?


How The App works...

Baby Ed-ucation straight to you, in your phone, like a pocket Big Sister 


On demand Classes that help you through Pregnancy and Birth.

On demand Classes in your own time when your baby is ready!

On demand Classes to help your baby learn: about their bodies, that they are loved and listen to.

Precious time to bond and connect on a deeper level in the comfort of your own home. 

On demand Classes that help you explore a more spirited and soul led lifestyle, connecting with traditions from the past. 

On demand Classes to teach you in-depth about Gentle Baby Care, Sleep and Feeding, at your own pace. 

On demand Classes that Teach you coping strategies and healing in your own postnatal period.

Education to fully equip yourself to be a confident parent. 

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04. Every-time you attend your local baby classes your baby just isn't in the mood to participate? 

05. You want to learn more in depth about the class topic but feel there isn't enough time in the 45 min session in person 

06. Is a lot of the information you have received so far heavily medicated and routine and it doesn't feel natural to you?

Nice to meet you!

 My Name is Clare Marie 

and this cute baby here is my very own and the original Baby Ed (its him in the logo) 

I developed this app, because as CEO of The Baby Care Academy I hear a lot from my students that they wish they had known the information in our professional courses while they were pregnant or early in Motherhood. 

There is so many stories around of what you "Should" be doing and endless chitter chatter from friends and family who might be sharing their horror stories with you. 

But we can provide you with the facts and evidence and make it really simple to understand, with some fun learning along the way. 



Stress Free Pregnancy Course


Antenatal Education Course


Hypnobirthing Course 


Gentle Newborn Care 


Postnatal Healing for you


Mental Health Path


Serene Baby Sleep

Holistic Breast Feeding


Holistic Bottle Feeding


Nurturing Baby Massage

Playful Baby Yoga

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